Standard tapping mode AFM cantilever with Au reflective coating

AFM Probe Specifications:

AFM Tip:

Shape Height Tip Set Back Radius Tip Angles
OPUS 14 µm 0 µm < 7 nm* 0° front, 35° back, <9° side

AFM Cantilever:

Shape Length Width Thickness Force Const. Res. Freq.
Beam 160 µm(150 - 170 µm)* 40 µm(38 - 42 µm)* 4 µm(3.5 - 4.5 µm)* 26 N/m(8 - 57 N/m)* 300 kHz(200 - 400 kHz)*
* typical values


70 nm Au on the back side of the cantilever

Additional Info

The 160AC series is designed primarily for standard AC mode AFM imaging in air or vacuum. The uncoated tip offers a sharp tip apex and chemical inertness.  The back side gold coating ensures high and stable laser reflectivity in air, liquid and aggressive chemical environments. The tetrahedral tip is located precisely at the free end of the cantilever. This allows the tip to be positioned accurately over the area of interest on the sample surface.

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